Walk to pay off your Apple Watch

Members can bag a Series 2 for just £69 and then “repay the balance” by earning Vitality points. They then take out a credit agreement for 24 repayments of £12.50 at 0% APR but only pay back a percentage of that based on how active they are.

To translate physical activity into points, 7,000 steps a day earns a user three points, 10,000 steps earns five points and 12,500 steps bags 10. You need 160 points in a month to repay £0 on an Apple Watch plan, which means you’ll need to hit 10,000 every day for a month (plus a little extra one day)… More at Wareable.

What a brilliant idea. Seriously, that would make me walk a lot more.

Update: Interesting tweet from Neil re this idea-

Insurance company finds a way to get people to pay for tracking device which gives them data?!

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