Are wealthy people treated better?

A business mentor of mine once told me, “You can judge a man by the watch he wears.” That’s precisely why I never wear one; with nothing on my wrist, you actually have to listen to what I say to form an impression. Plus my iPhone tells the time just fine, thanks, and even changes time zones automatically.

But then I got an email from a company call Eleven James. This company will rent you a luxury, high-end, your-sad-sack-salary-would-never-let-you-afford-it wristwatch, one at a time, for $150 a month. Like Netflix, except if you forget to return it you’re out a lot more than 15 bucks. And since I travel a lot for work — and am judged daily by everyone from flight attendants to business executives — this seemed like a way to test whether the old mentor knew what was up. So I set out on the road to see whether a fancy watch makes a lick of difference… More at Thrillist.

I’m not convinced that this isn’t an advert for Eleven James because of the way it is written and the fact that 99% of people have no idea what is and isn’t a high-end watch, but I do wonder if people do change their behaviour when confronted with signs of wealth.

Some retail store and hotel workers will know what to look for and I notice a difference in the way I am treated if I wear a work suit or jeans in a shop. I guess we all judge people in a second and that clothing and jewellery are a big part of that.

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