Credit Card Power Bank charger review

I picked up one of these chargers in a store recently for 2 reasons. First up it was cheap and secondly it was small. That’s all I need in a charger because I don’t need one every day and I don’t want to carry something around that gets in the way, ever.

The charger itself is very small at 5mm thick and it is approx 25mm shorter than my iPhone SE while being roughly the same width. If you put this in your pocket, you really will not notice it and that is a huge advantage. Add to this the fact that it cleverly includes lighting and microUSB connectors and you have no need to carry a cable either. As far as portability goes, this has proved to be the most convenient charger I have used to date.


The slightly bendy lightning connector works fine by the way.

The unit, as you can see, is an all-in-one unit that cleverly hides the lightning adaptor and which uses the microUSB as standard. So you effectively get a microUSB to Lightning adaptor for free in a charger that costs less than £10.

In use it has proved to be reliable so far over a period of one month and always kicks in the charging process immediately, something that hasn’t happened with every charger I have bought in the past. The charging process is as quick as using a wall charger and when I have needed it, power has been available despite it not being charged for a few days and I have been more than happy with the results.


I can’t get too excited by such a thing as a charger, but in a world where a £500 phone cannot always get me through 1 day of use, it is pleasing to be able to spend 2% extra to give me that facility, and in a space that is incredibly small.

With 2,000mAh capacity and the ability to charge everything from an iPhone to an Android phone to a Kindle, it’s hard not to recommend an accessory as well priced as this one is.

Portable Power Bank 2000 mAh – Credit Card sized Power Bank In-Built Cable which charges all Smartphones (White)

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  1. Have you tried charging an iPad from it, where the iPad had relatively little charge left?

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