Broken Jawbone?

Jawbone, the richly valued maker of wearable gadgets and wireless speakers, appears to be on increasingly shaky financial footing as it struggles to pay vendors and keep inventory in stock.

Jawbone abruptly ended its relationship with the customer-service agency NexRep earlier this month after Jawbone failed to make payments, according to an internal NexRep email viewed by Business Insider.

It would be easy to discount the above because it is Business Insider after all, but this is the latest in a slew of leaks that suggest the company is in big trouble.

The real sad part of this, for me, is that I have tested a range of Fitbit and Garmin trackers alongside the Apple Watch, and the Jawbone UPs are always by far the most accurate. They also come with an app that is streets ahead of the rest. I guess the best doesn’t always win…

Then again. This from Wareable

“NexRep was informed we are reviewing their invoices,” it told Wareable in a statement. “They have no basis or knowledge from which to make the statement that Jawbone is struggling financially and couldn’t pay NexRep for its services. That statement is untrue. Jawbone is restructuring its customer service relationships, as previously reported.”

But Jawbone told us that “NexRep does not and never has had ‘access’ to Jawbone product inventory.”

The company added: “They advised a third party service provider who then took care of customer replacement products. That type of service is still in place.” Although that doesn’t explain the lack of stock currently available.

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