Philips OneBlade review

I have tried electric shavers in the past and they never quite worked for me. They tended to leave uneven cuts and were a hassle to deal with, and so I have been a wet shave man forever. Buying razors and shaving foam, and going through the same ritual every day to look like I have given a damn.

And then I saw the above advert which grabbed me straight away because it looked too good to be true. No water, no shaving foam, no messing around trying not to cut yourself- just a close shave with no hassle which makes the past years of shaving feel like such a waste. As I said, too good to be true…


I checked it out and waited for the crazy price. It came in at £32.95 for the QP2530 model which offers 60 minutes of power per charge. You can also buy the QP2520 for £29.99 at the moment or go all the way up to the Pro QP6520 at £49.99. The Pro model offers 90 minutes of power, a clever attachment to cut from 0.4 – 10mm and a stand for the razor itself. Replacement blades are a whopping £11.99 each, but they are quoted as lasting for 4 months. The problem with this claim is that “based on 2 full shaves per week” forms part of the claim which suggests that part-time hipsters will do well with this.

From an affordability point of view, I tried some basic calculations and worked out that I buy shaving foam every 6-8 weeks (approx. £24 per year). I buy razors in roughly the same timeframe and would guess at £45 per year. If I had to replace the blades on the OneBlade every 2 months, that would come to £59.97 (based on a 2 pack being £19.99) so the costs look about even. The cost of the water used for shaving (water bills are huge for us) could sort of equate to the cost of charging the OneBlade and so I am prepared to say that you will not save money on the OneBlade, but that you will not lose either- it’s frankly too small a cost difference to bother working it out.


So, what is it like to use? Well I must say that this is by far the biggest advantage of the OneBlade. It literally takes half of the time to shave with it as it does with shaving foam and a real razor. I can stand in front of the mirror, shave without any fear of being cut and know that I have covered all of my fat face. The edges can be used to trim around my silly beard very accurately and then I turn it off. Seriously, this feels like a revelation the first few times you use it because that sense of ‘have I already shaved’ is there and so I move on to having a shower etc. Ease of use and removing barriers that have been with us forever is what technology is great for, at times, and the OneBlade does that extremely well. The size of the blade is perfect, it’s actually narrower than a normal razor blade, and the flatness of the slate offers all of the feel you need alongside the ability to cut through longish hair very easily. From a design point of view, it is brilliant. It really is.

The other most important aspect has to be the shaving itself and this will depend on what you require. This razor does not offer a ‘clean’ shave, it offers a close shave which leaves a tiny bit of stubble. I would liken it to having a wet shave and then feeling your face 2 hours later- the tiny bit of stubble may not feel as nice, but we are talking 2 hours of growth and there are some advantages to this. I am finding that my face gets less irritated these days, especially around the neck when shaving, and overall my skin feels a lot better than it used to.


I don’t know the specifics around what makes your skin the most healthy and if a very clean shave is best or not, but for me the end result has been very positive and I feel that my skin is taking less punishment with the OneBlade than with a metal blade scraping along my skin.

Shaving is a surprisingly personal task and some of you will always want a wet shave, but if you want to try something different that is not expensive and which will save you time, I would gladly recommend the OneBlade. If you have a beard, it also works perfectly as a precise trimmer.


One final thought, I shave my head every week because I have little hair and I do wonder how well this will work for that task. I shall give it a try and report back, but if it can produce a clean shave that is better than my normal clippers, then it will be an even better buy for me.

Shaving just changed forever…

Click for more details of the Philips OneBlade

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