Newsletter: 3rd March 2016

“Teachers have complained about “cheating watches” being sold online to give students an unfair advantage in exams. These digital watches include an “emergency button” to quickly switch from hidden text to a clock face. The watches hold data or written information which can be read in exams.” You can read the full story at the BBC, but I am most surprised that these have not been around for longer. I remember struggling with trigonometry and writing down a couple of reminders on my wrist that would be hidden below my watch. The moral of the story? I got away with it and got an ‘A’, but don’t tell your children that.

By the time you read this, I’ll be dead is a remarkable story and one which discusses a subject that will long create divisions among the masses. “Five years after his death, I established the Right to Die Society of Canada. I was a reluctant activist, and initially, I invested my energy in law reform. In 1992, the Society initiated a challenge under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms on behalf of Sue Rodriguez, the Victoria woman who had been diagnosed with ALS at age 41…”

The success of Medium continues to confound, but the idea to “create the default place to write and publish anything of substance that you want the world to see”makes lots of sense. If you would like to know more about the service, check out this article. Potentially, Medium could become absolutely huge and then the difficulty of making it usable when so big will kick in.

What happens when feral pigs live on an uninhabited island in the Bahamas? They don’t fly, but they sure can swim. Don’t believe me? Check out the video above.

Using the right keyboard is as important as having a custom-fitted chair or desk and the rather expensive ErgoDox keyboard may be the perfect solution for you. I’m torn on keyboards because I have always preferred the flat Apple setup and am firmly in the camp that detests deep mechanical keyboards that require much flexing of the fingers. The less travel the better in my view, but most of you will likely disagree with me.

The barrister who became a badger is the perfect title for an article to make you want to click on it. The thing is, he really did do this. “I have become The Man Who Eats Worms,” Charles Foster shrugs, sorrowfully. “It’s not really a very interesting subject. It doesn’t tell you anything about how badgers experience the world.”

Amazon has dropped encryption in the latest version of Fire OS. Yes indeed, when the world is focussed on Apple’s battles with authorities who believe that our iPhones are too private, Amazon has gone the other way and dropped it altogether. As time passes, privacy and encryption will become features that consumers want and I believe that Amazon could soon regret this move.

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