LG G5: innovation or gimmickry?

From the moment I first saw the LG G5, I felt positive about what it represented. The sheer fact that something completely new had been launched was a breath of fresh air, but it also reminded me of the ludicrous attempts at innovation we have seen in the past. 

Modular functionality, on the face of it, is a fantastic idea and something that should offer the best of all worlds to the user. You have, in theory, unlimited battery, a device that is potentially much more than it is with the addition of accessories and of course there is the fun aspect of always having a new device each day if you are swapping the swapping the modules.

The camera module in particular looks like a useful addition and this is something I would be happy to carry around if on holiday or on a day out with the kids. The battery module would likely present more of a challenge because it is not as portable as a standard replacement battery, and this could also apply to the LG 360 VR (a 360° Virtual Reality module). It’s quite possible that many more modules will be built for the LG G5 and that the user can simply carry the ones they need, but there will have to be a focus on modules that improve functionality rather than add new uses. If we are merely improving functions, then the LG G5 will still be perfectly useable every day, but with the option to improve your photos and get more battery if needed.

It’s all too easy to look at a modular design and consider it to be potentially inconvenient and a novelty, but I have a lot of faith in LG and suspect the G5 will be a decent phone on its own without the extra bits.

What do you think? Is the LG G5 the way of the future or a desperate attempt to make something new?

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