Newsletter: 26th February 2016

It’s a well-known fact that Disney has managed to keep Mickey Mouse out of the public domain for a much longer period than is usual. To understand how the company does this, have a read of How Mickey Mouse Evades the Public Domainwhich details the extraordinary successes Disney has had in this area. I have linked to this story before, but the reason I bring it up again is because the company is now asking its employees to help fund the latest effort to keep control of Mickey. A quite remarkable story just got even stranger, but perhaps the most worrying aspect is this part of the letter sent from the Disney CEO to his underlings- “For your convenience, DisneyPAC has implemented a payroll deduction system, through which your contributions to the PAC will be deducted from your weekly paycheck,” How convenient…

Huge efforts are being made to create a wrist wearable that works on every level including functionality, practicality and fashion. The Victorinox Cybertool is designed to fit over your traditional analogue watch to offer smart functionality and this makes all of the sense in the world. Problem is that it is huge, ugly and close to unwearable for most people. Interesting idea though.


You can now try a Virtual Reality Viewer for free, provided you buy the right kind of Coca Cola multipack. It is detailed in the video above and as you can see, it is simple, clever and recycled. Brilliant.

Most of us know that we should not be using our phones when driving, but in the right circumstances they can actually help safety. Bluejay is a new smart mount designed to offer a range of functions for your phone and your car, and it does look good. My only worry is that the promotional video (here) seems to show the driver doing things that they should not be doing anyway.

The Real Story of Germanwings Flight 9525 is an uneasy read, but like so many that deal with disasters, it is hard to put down once you start. “Jean-Sébastien Beaud didn’t know what he’d find when he descended, by a rope dangling from a helicopter, onto a steep mountainside in the French Alps. Twenty minutes earlier, Beaud and three colleagues from the mountain rescue squad of the gendarmerie had received a call from an air-traffic control center in Lyon, telling them that a plane had disappeared from the radar screen over the Massif des Trois-Évêchés.”

Here’s a rare thing. A selection of illustrations that are delicate and organic. In a world where colour, abstraction and movement is king, there is something special and extremely calming about these pencil illustrations from Denise Nestor.

Even if you ignore all of the above, please take a moment to watch the start of Peace Park 2015 Full Video. It was all done in one take which is astonishing when you see what the guys are doing in the clip. Happy weekending!

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