Ad-blocking at the network level

Three UK and Three Italy have successfully collaborated with Shine Technologies on implementing Shine’s ad blocking technologies in their networks.

This will enable rapid roll-out of the technology to all other Three Group operators.

Network-based ad-blocking is a more powerful and effective solution for customers than application-based technologies as it reaches a broader range of mobile advertising.

Our objective in working with Shine is not to eliminate mobile advertising, which is often interesting and beneficial to our customers, but to give customers more control, choice and greater transparency over what they receive.

Three claims in its press release that this move is based upon customers not having to pay data charges for ads, adding more security and that it will only allow relevant adverts to get through.

On the face of it, this all looks good, but I will come back to my ongoing argument regarding ad-blocking. How exactly are web publishers supposed to make money if the blocking moves to an all-empassing level? I get that pop-ups and obtrusive ads are annoying, but you still have the choice to not visit. Explain to me what will replace web ads and I will step back. 

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