20th January 2016

The issue of digital property after a person dies has grown in the collective conscious as we collect more and more data through our lives, and a recent example highlights the problem very well. Peggy Bush tried to get a password from Apple, but had to get a court order to do so despite the fact that she could receive pensions and benefits with just a death certificate. CBC details the full story, but despite understanding Apple’s desire to protect information, maybe it is time for the company to look harder at the way it deals with such matters to bring them into line with everything else.

If you happen to be feeling tough today, take a look at the Mighty Mongrel Mobover at So Bad So Good. Fair to say that if one of them spilt my pint of beer, I would probably just keep quiet…

Another problem that seems to run and run is how our products in the West are made, and in particular the issue of child labour. Amnesty has produced a report that effectively accuses “Apple, Samsung and Sony, among others, of failing to do basic checks to ensure minerals used in their products are not mined by children.”You can read more about it at the BBC

I find the petition that has been set up to stop Kanye West covering David Bowie’s tracks quite amusing. Ultimately, having someone cover music who is infinitely less talented than the original artist only makes the music stronger in its genuine form. It is rare for a cover version to be better than the original, and even rarer for Kanye to make anything worth listening to.

Fancy making a paper model of an Olympus camera? OK, it is likely not hist on your bucket list, but for kids this webpage will let them print out all that they need to make near perfect recreations of two legendary cameras, without the bits that actually make them cameras.

Playboy has re-published a candid conversation with Martin Luther King Jr. It is timely of course and not one to miss “Two years ago, I remember, I returned home after serving one of my terms in the Albany, Georgia, jail, and she asked me, “Daddy, why do you have to go to jail so much?” I told her that I was involved in a struggle to make conditions better for the colored people, and thus for all people.”

Geometrica is just a vase. It holds one flower and is just a vase. But, take a look at it and tell me you don’t want one. It is seriously beautiful and perfectly in tune with the flower it is protecting. 

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