18th January 2016

Space is for sale, and I must admit that the concept of spending $19.95 for a lunar acre does tempt me. I had thoughts of a company looking to build a huge development in space and needing my acre to complete the project, at which point it would be worth at least $25! Yes, it’s silly, but I can see why some people may be tempted.

Apple will soon move iTunes Radio behind the Apple Music paywall, thus rendering it inaccessible unless you subscribe to the service. I can see the logic of wanting to maximise the financials for the service, but also see the radio setup as a useful gateway to gain new subscribers. I do, however, wonder if radio services actually gain enough listeners these days to create the same kind of buzz they used to.

It is very easy to look at American politics with a doubtful eye from another country, but stories like this one over at CNN only add to the negative perception. It can’t be true can it? “The state of Florida is putting thousands of children with heart defects at risk, a group of cardiac doctors say, because of a change in policy that came after Tenet Healthcare contributed $200,000 to Florida Republicans.”

Nobody Wants To Use Your Product is an ironic article, but one that is well worth reading. The fact that it discusses design and offers some eye-opening facts is good, but just look at Smashing Magazine which is publishing the article. That is not a well designed website.

An in depth review of the TAG Heuer Connected has been posted at Calibre 11and it really does go into great detail including this nugget about numbers- “But while the price of the watch may be attainable, the issue is with availability. In December it was announced that TAG Heuer had dramatically increased production to meet demand- from 1,200 per week to 2,000 per week. To put that into context, it’s estimated that TAG Heuer manufactures approx. 750,000 watches annually, so the Connected is well on its way to being one of the top-selling models. Give the high demand, online sales have been suspended to give more stock for retailers.” I ask myself how a watch brand that makes 750,000 watches per year can still be considered to be in the ‘luxury’ market?

Would you like to know how much energy your devices use each year? Of course you would, and Forbes has produced a handy article detailing the costs. Some are much lower that I expected them to be.

Do you collect things? It seems to me that collecting appears to be a ‘man’ thing and that us males are far more likely to collect watches, stamps or anything else than women are. I’m not being sexist- that is merely my experience. Narcissiana: On Collecting relates to this subject well.

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