14th January 2016

The Post-Mobile Era is not quite how it sounds in this article from Re/code, but it does raise some interesting questions. It seems impossible at this moment when billions of people are staring down at their small screens each day, but at some point there will be a new product(s) that could make the mobile phone feel positively archaic. Sadly none of us know what that is at the moment and if I do discover it, I will keep quiet until I am a zillionaire…

Ever wondered what happens to all of the products that are returned to retailers? Well, Wired has taken a look and produced a detailed article looking at the entire process, which is obviously much busier just after Christmas.

Notifications on your phone can be tiresome and often get in the way of what you are trying to do at the time, but spare a thought for Demy de Zeeuw. He has 8 million Instagram subscribers and decided to post a video showing what his notifications look like. Seriously, take a look at the sheer craziness that happens and never again complain about the occasional annoying message.

Google has created tiny cameras to capture Hamburg’s Miniature Wunderlandwhich is the world’s largest miniature railway in Street View style. The end result is exactly like using Street View on your computer, except that it is more fun and exponentially more charming. You can explore the end results here.

52 Blue is a story posted at Atavist Magazine and it is one of the most compelling I have read over the past 12 months. If you get a chance to subscribe to the magazine, it is well worth the small investment just for the quality of the writing. Here’s a snippet from 52 Blue- “Joe thought, Holy cow. It hardly seemed possible. For a blue whale, which is what this one seemed to be, a frequency of 52 hertz was basically off the charts. Blue whales usually came in somewhere between 15 and 20—on the periphery of what the human ear can hear, an almost imperceptible rumble. But here it was, right in front of them, the audio signature of a creature moving through Pacific waters with a singularly high-pitched song.”

I tend to ignore most concept cars, but the Citroen DS Revival is different because it is not only unnervingly beautiful, but seems perfect possible to create in 2016. You can see more pictures of it here. Go on, you know you want to drive it!

The PC market is huge and it has grown over the past few decades, but in recent times things have turned downwards. There has been an estimated 8.3% decline in worldwide sales in the last quarter, but once again Apple is bucking the trend with 2.8% growth which is equivalent to 7.5% of the total market. Obviously Apple’s numbers are still small in such a large market and there are concerns over the future of Apple’s PC sector, but we do look on course for a major shift from laptops and desktops to tablets and even more sophisticated phones. For me, the majority of my computing is now done on my phone with the rest on an iMac, and I own nothing in between.

ARTCADE is a simple idea, but is one that you will appreciate if you grew up with what we call retro games today. It is a book containing a unique collection of coin-op cabinet marquees, some dating back 40 years to the dawn of video gaming and the visuals really are memory-jogging. Is it just me or were games harder years ago compared to now? Limited lives, dreadful controllers and blocky pixels made for a frustrating yet absorbing experience.

The Joy of Tech has published a new cartoon which mocks how smart watches work. Have a look for yourself- it is short, to the point and very accurate.

It would appear that more humour has been added to Siri. I won’t give away what happens, but if you have access to Siri, try asking the following- “Can you beatbox?” and “What’s zero divided by zero?” The answers are highly amusing.

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