8th January 2016


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Consumer Reports has detailed 2 cool phones you likely have never heard of, and I must say that they surprised me. From the Musashi which is a flip phone with a big screen to the Fly Robin which boasts mid-level specs in a harsh, but visually appealing body, they are definitely worth a look.

When I first saw the The H. Moser & Cie. Swiss Alp Watch I thought it just happened to look very much like the Apple Watch, but then I watched the promotional video and realised that this is a direct shot at Apple. The company talks about the watch only having one app (time) and makes other comments directly related to smart watches. At $24,900 and with a limited one of only 50, it is obviously not designed to appeal to the mass market, but I wonder what Apple will have to say about it.

Remix OS is a version of Android for the desktop, and it truly is trying to replacewhat you currently use. This is not a mere emulator, but a full OS and for some it could work as an advantageous tool to make an older PC useful again. I think the developer describes what it can do very succinctly- “What you can do on your device is invariably the most important part of any computing experience. By revitalizing your seasoned hardware with Remix OS for PC, breathe new life into it with over 1.6 million Android apps. Whether it’s for work at school or in the office, watching a TV show or playing your favorite games, Android’s rich app ecosystem always has something for exactly what you need and want to do.”

So, it would appear that BlackBerry OS is finally nearing the end after clinging on year after year without much improvement in market share. According to c|net2016 will be an all Android OS year for BlackBerry which effectively means the end for a platform that was revered by millions around the world for a very long time. It is testament to how quickly the world of mobile moves on and my fond memories of an OS that did most things better than the rest remain, but sadly features like apps, maps and other hooks we need today never did reach the required levels to survive.

Kodak’s Super 8 camera is a legend, it truly is, and it looks as though it is coming back! Business Insider UK has covered this iconic product in great detail here and I must say that I really do like the new design. Kodak has managed to marry the modern with the classic very well to potentially create a new icon without disturbing memories of the original.

everything else

Clearing your windscreen in the winter is often painfully time consuming, particularly when you need to get to work in a hurry, and no doubt we have all tried different tricks to get the job done quicker. Well, Mark Rober has put some science behind the process and come up with the best solution to getting on the road safely in the shortest time possible. Check out this video to learn more.

Tokyo’s hidden streets really are like something from a movie if the work of Mavashi Wakui is anything to go by. Have a browse through his Flickr collectionto see what I mean, but I am sure you will be impressed by the photos, and especially the less likely subjects he has captured.

Yellow Cab is to file for bankruptcy in San Francisco with rivals like Uber and Lyft taking the brunt of the blame. As the San Francisco Examiner reports “The bankruptcy filing will allow the co-op to shed its mounting debts. But longtime taxi industry sources, who spoke on background, also said the bankruptcy is a result of fierce competition with digital ride-hail rivals, who are not only drawing away business — but scooping up talented drivers as well.” It’s never nice when a company struggles, but in some industries stagnation and a willingness to take advantage of a broken system for decades is also to blame. I find my sympathy to be limited here.

Facebook is an incredibly divisive social network with concerns about privacy rampant in the media continually. As it happens, Slate has published a new article entitled Who Controls Your Facebook Feed which goes into great detail about what actually happens behind the scenes. If you use Facebook every day, you may want to read it

Time has posted a series of photos which highlight the geometry of America from above, and the results are quite lovely. Objects that do not necessarily look appealing at ground level take on a completely new form from above.

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