3rd January 2016


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A 7-year-Old from Crawley has managed to rack up a £4,000 bill playing Jurassic World on his iPad. Amazingly, Apple gave a full refund despite the fact that it is neither the developer’s or Apple’s fault. However, there is something wrong where such amounts can be racked up so quickly so maybe Apple needs to look at limiting exactly how much can be spent. The best quote came from the boy’s father who said “I’m 32 years old, why would Apple think I would be spending thousands of pounds on buying dinosaurs and upgrading a game?” Just trying to work out how Apple could possibly employ enough staff to monitor such things? More here

A simple trick has been discovered which will clean out your iPhone’s App Store cache in seconds without you needing to reboot the device. This can potentially fix a sluggish iPhone immediately. Open the ‘App Store’ app and then tap one of the icons at the bottom 10 times. The screen will go blank and then recover, and that’s all you need to do. I tried this yesterday and it really does work. More at Business Insider.

The news that AT&T is will no longer offer discounted phones with two-year contracts has led some to believe that the age of the mobile contract is going to be over soon. On the face of it, this could be good news for consumers because buying a phone outright and then paying a lower monthly charge can be more cost-effective, but I do believe that the vast majority prefer to pay for their phone over a longer period, even if some are unaware that the cost of the hardware is included in the subscription. It will be a long time before we see the end of mobile contracts. More at NBC News.

For a limited time you can buy Lifeline (iOS/Android), Lifeline 2 (iOS/Androidand Lifeline: Silent Night (iOS/Androidfor just £0.79/$0.99. I have played the original Lifeline and it proved to be one of the most immersive, original and clever mobile games I have ever experienced, and will now be doing so with LifeLine 2 and Silent Night. Grab them while they are cheap!

There is a new Chrome extension called Trump Filter which is designed to delete Donald Trump from your browsing experience. Now, I am not saying you will want to do this, but it’s there if you use Chrome and have a desire for a Trump-less online existence.

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A family of a 2-year-old amputee has adopted a kitten that lost her leg. It shows great understanding of the physiological needs of their daughter and will hopefully add some reassurance as she grows up. More at USA Today.

Kanye West has managed to insult many things in his new single and The Washington Post has kindly listed them all. From Nike to women who are not married to him, he has reached new heights (depths) with this latest effort.

People with dementia can feel happier when a relative comes to see them even if they do not recognise the visitor according to a study covered by The Independent. All studies like this are reassuring to those of us who sometimes wonder if our relatives even know we are there. We should never stop spending time with those we love even if it is not reciprocated.

The Wetsuitman is an intriguing story of 2 bodies found in Norway and The Netherlands wearing identical wetsuits. Here is a taster- “Neither the DNA profile from the body in the Netherlands or Norway produced any hits internationally through Interpol. All leads in the case trail off in front of the cash register in Decathlon in Calais, barely an hour after sunset on October 7 last year.”

President Obama wants unilateral action on US gun violence which for many will be seen as a great move. The stats show what is happening, the constant news reports show what is happening, but can we really expect this problem to be resolved within a decade? The fact that so many millions of people own so many millions of guns makes it close to impossible to shut down in a reasonable period of time. I suspect also that far too many people in the US want to keep guns anyway for this to make any headway. More at The BBC.

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