For the time being I am going to concentrate on the TiQ newsletter rather than post content on this blog regularly. Early subscriber numbers are higher than I expected and I am rather enjoying working with a new format that gives me more scope to post more content every day.

Reviews and longer articles will still be posted here, and linked from the newsletter, but if you want to read the latest content, you will need to subscribe to view it. It’s a choice between 10 articles a day via the newsletter or 1 or 2 a week via the blog…

As Bob says- “Shaun, this is excellent. There is so much content out there that I almost miss simply reading the newspaper for everything. Not really, but it is overwhelming. I get Next Draft for a review of news. I use Flipboard as well. I find the paragraph on the subject is often all I need to know. The option to delve deeper is always good to have. That said, I linked to 3 articles from today’s issue. I found everything else interesting but didn’t need to see more. And I love the comments.”

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