Dreem iPhone case review

I have tended, over the past few years, to use an official Apple case on my iPhone purely because they are well made and they do the job adequately. They become invisible over time and I have to give credit to an accessory that works exactly as it was intended to. 

On one of my many visits to Amazon, however, I recently discovered the Dreem iPhone case and was intrigued because I have long wanted a ‘do it all’ accessory that would fulfil a number of different use cases. My ideal case would have a magnet built in so that I can quickly attach it to my car dashboard, a removable wallet and a look that is not too disturbing, and the Dreem case appeared to fit the bill.

Three weeks later, this case is still attached to my iPhone and a lot of the minor hassles associated with using a phone in multiple situations have gone. The magnets are strong and the case attaches to the surrounding wallet and the magnet on my car dashboard instantly and firmly. It is hard to say how strong the magnet will stay over time, but so far it is proving to be a more than worthy set up which works very effectively.

The case will attach to most car magnet holders.
The case will attach to most car magnet holders.

The wallet is quite deep and this means that there is a gap between the phone and cards which I guess offers some advantages in keeping your cards safe and inserting cards, money etc, but it does mean that the entire unit is bigger than it needs to be. The case surround is actually very thin which is great and it does attach to the case very firmly, but when used in the whole wallet, you will surely know that it is there.

Overall I have been very impressed with the Dreem wallet and cannot fault the build quality in any way (check the reviews on the link below because it seems that experiences vary somewhat), or indeed the flexibility it offers. I would, however, like to see a similar case that looks a little more modern and less ‘old man’ wallet because it really does look dated at times. I can overlook this though because it is so useful and is likely to be with me for some time to come.

Available from Amazon for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

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