Bye bye Apple Music, hello Deezer

Yesterday, kevwright posted a link on Twitter to an offer for Three subscribers. You get 6 months of Deezer for free and can cancel at any time during that period which is an exceptional deal. 

I decided to give it a try and after 24 hours I have decided to turn off my Apple Music auto-renewal. To be honest I was dithering anyway because Apple Music is slow very often, we have had to reboot and sign-in many times because it keeps forgetting we exist and the interface is a jumbled mess.

It didn’t take long to realise that Deezer is everything Apple Music is not; super fast, organised and a complete pleasure to use, with the free 6 months offer too good to say no to. Sadly, it appears that a family plan is not coming any time soon which means that the service will be cancelled on all 4 phones in our house within the 6 month period, but it does highlight how un-special Apple Music really is.

If Spotify or Deezer is able to match the Apple Music family plan pricing then we will move to that in May next year, but as it stands Apple Music simply cannot compete in all of the ways a music subscription service should. 

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