Tag Heuer Connected Watch

I admit to not being a fan of modern Tag Heuer watches, 80% marketing and 20% watch if you ask me, but I am interested in what the company is trying to do with the Connected Watch. The premise of trading in this watch for $1,500 after 2 years to get said discount off a mechanical Tag that looks exactly like the connected watch is a curiosity. It suggests that this is an experiment and that many will want to dive back into the world of ‘real’ watches after that period. Surely it would have made more sense to offer a discount to trade up to the next connected watch?

Whatever, it is a novel approach, but the nicer a watch looks, the more strange a smart screen looks on it. Just like with the Apple Watch, I am convinced that luxury smart watches are the strangest combination of all and I just don’t see where the future lies in them at this time. It would be a different story if smart watches were ubiquitous because adding luxury makes all the sense in the world, but while they remain a niche product, the luxury watch should remain as it should be; exclusive, traditional and a piece of art which only needs looking at, wearing and nothing else.

You can read more about the watch here and I would suggest watching the launch video as well. Jean-Claude Biver is just great, especially when cutting the cheese.

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