On 1 September, Daniel Fleetwood, an avid Star Wars fan, was given two months to live after surgery and chemotherapy treatment failed to stop the cancer cells spreading to his lungs.

The 32-year-old mental health counsellor started the hashtag “Force For Daniel” to try and get the attention of the film executives behind the latest Star Wars film. Daniel’s dying wish is to see an early screening of the latest film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens – which is only due to be released in December.

Over the last week the hashtag has amassed over 34,000 tweets. Warwick Davis, who played an Ewok in a previous instalment of the franchise, showed his support by tweeting directly to Disney Studios, saying: “Daniel Fleetwood’s dying wish is to see #TheForceAwakens. Please make his wish come true”.

I really hope he gets to see the film in time. You can do your bit by using #ForceForDaniel on Twitter. More at the BBC.

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