Android anti-virus apps

We’re not saying that Android’s built-in security protections are good enough. Android devices need to receive regular security updates for their operating systems.

But an antivirus app doesn’t provide any real extra security. Your Android device already has more powerful antivirus-style features built in.

In theory, if Android provided enough low-level access to antivirus apps, an antivirus app could actually be useful. However, it doesn’t, so antivirus apps aren’t useful now. Adding enough permissions for antivirus apps to function would also open new paths for malware to take advantage of those same low-level permissions.

This apps will probably worsen your battery life, and could cost you money if you decided to pay for them. Even worse, they might provide a false sense of security. Aside from that, they’re not really harmful to use — they’re just not helpful enough.

Worth knowing. More at How To Geek.

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