$725 for the HTC One A9

One big question surrounding the new HTC One A9 has to do with the price. Or, specifically, the fact that the $399 price in the U.S. came with the caveat of “Limited time, promotional offer” — and that the A9 tops out at upwards of $725 (U.S. equivalent) in Europe. That rightfully caused a few brows to furrow. Problem was we didn’t have any idea just how long that “limited time, promotional offer” would last — or why the phone was almost twice as expensive outside of the U.S.

So why the discrepancy? According to HTC, it has to do with its regional sales teams being able to price products independently. And if you’re looking to get the A9 in the U.S. at that $399 sweet spot, you’ve got a little more than a week to do so.

You could buy a ‘real’ iPhone for that price. More at Android Central.

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