2+ weeks with the iPhone 6s

The period of genuine excitement seems to be getting shorter with each new iPhone release for me, and this year I have already fallen back into the pattern of just using my phone and not marvelling at all of the new features.

3D Touch has been forgotten about apart from holding my finger on the lock screen to see a Live Photo move. I never use it in any apps and despite seeing the obvious advantages, tapping an icon is so embedded in me that I continue to do it instinctively, even on third party apps that have made good use of the feature.

It is faster than ever, fast to the point that you will not notice that it is fast. Everything is immediate and that just feels right. It is almost a shame that blinding speed and smoothness has reached the point that it does not stir positive emotions, but it is of course a highly positive thing to have on the phone you use all day.

Battery life is the same as before for me, possibly a little better and the screen feels the same as well. The camera is fantastic and only over time do you realise that it is better when you look through all of the photos you have taken. Little by little, it is becoming an incredibly image capture device, actually it already is.

I would be writing words for the sake of it to carry on with this review because there isn’t much to tell. The iPhone 6s is super fast, takes fantastic photos and videos and 3D Touch is there waiting for me to remember that it offers many advantages. The best iPhone yet? For sure it is. A novel and exciting experience? No, but only because the iPhone 6 was pretty damn decent as well. 

Apple has reached a level with the iPhone where for many people the new features will be incremental, or even ignored, because they have developed habits over the past few years. That does not mean, however, that the iPhone 6s isn’t completely brilliant. It really is.

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