A real moon watch and the William L. 1985 Kickstarter Project

You can now buy a watch that was actually worn on the moon. Dave Scott’s Bulova Chronograph (the man on the left above, left hand) is up for sale with an estimate of $50,000 which is admittedly a bit steep for the majority of us, but what a piece of history. The fact that it is a Bulova helps as this is the brand I have found myself drawn to more than any other. Maybe I should start another donation drive to buy this watch… ok, silly idea.

From Hodinkee “Little known fact: any Omega Speedmaster issued by NASA is always and forever the property of the United States government – unless they expressly gift it to someone, which doesn’t happen often. That means that every single Omega Speedmaster that ever made it into the space, much more so onto the moon, belongs to Uncle Sam. That, in turn, means that the chance to own a watch that has been to the moon is not something that will happen. Except now, all of the sudden, it’s happening. Up for sale is Apollo 15 Astronaut Dave Scott’s personal Bulova chronograph. Yup, now is your chance own an actual moon watch.”

Take a look at the video above. This watch is part of a kickstarter project and the asking price is 99 euros. Guillaume Laidet is making a watch with all of the design ticks from the past, but with a new quartz mechanism to benefit from the ingenuity of today. I must say that it looks too good to be true for the asking price (full retail will be only 150 euros), but if he pulls it off the end result would be mightily impressive.

“The watch was rusty and full of dirt. I had it restaurated by a watch restoration specialist in La Chaux de Fonds (Switzerland). It was a bit costly but the result was awesome and the watch was ready for a new life on my wrist.

For sure the watch was not going unnoticed! Most of my friends asked where I bought it and how much it was costing! I told them that if they want to buy a watch like that from the 50’s with a swiss mechanical movement, gold plated, they could find one between 600 and 950€. Could be less, could be more, depending on the brand and the condition of the watch. But the thing is that not all my friends were ready to spend this kind of budget in a watch.

So here is my idea! Develop and produce a vintage chronograph, with modern standards for my friends and for everyone who think this watch is really cool.”

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