Apple: you are a family when we want you to be…

I don’t understand the iCloud pricing strategy from Apple and how it works with other cloud services. I have set up family sharing and use that for Apple Music and many other things. I pay and extra £5 per month so that my wife and kids have access to the music they want. We can authorise purchases and app installs on their iPhones and we can use a shared calendar.

I can pay for 50GB of iCloud storage and we can all share it. Oh sorry, we can’t share it because we would have to have individual subscriptions to iCloud to increase the tiny 5GB given to each device. 

Apparently this is the official rule, but my son can backup his iPhone to my storage and my daughter and wife cannot so there appears to be a quirk there. He is using his own email address for iCloud so something is wrong, but I will keep quiet on that one.

My issue is the fact that individual iCloud subscriptions have to be purchased. How does that make sense apart from the obvious financial benefits for Apple?

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