My wife can’t buy a new iPhone

I was discussing the iPhone 5s with my wife on Sunday because her contract is up and the end result was that she will be keeping it. 

She cannot upgrade because the iPhone 6 is too big for her and thus she has nowhere to go in terms of Apple phones which seems bizarre to me. She will continue to use a phone that was released 2 years ago because Apple has not updated it and it doesn’t look likely that a small iOS phone will appear again. 

I could argue that Apple is losing money by doing this, but the figures show that Apple is making more iPhone money than ever before and the fact that the entire range is now bigger does not seem to be having a negative effect. Is it just me or is there a small, but significant portion of the market that would prefer a smaller iPhone? I genuinely think there is and that Apple is leaving some money on the table here, but having said that my wife is not moving to Android. She is not a techie, but has fallen for the iOS simplicity and I fully understand that. 

She loves her iPhone because it does exactly what she needs, it never fails and she has grown attached to it. She would prefer a better camera and more power for some games, but as it stands it will likely get another year of use, and likely longer if Apple does not make a smaller phone again.

What do you think? Would you like to see Apple make a smaller iPhone or does it make sense to you that the newest iPhone are uncompromisingly big?

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