Authentic, older than me and technically brilliant

Technology today is quite wonderful and it always has been. We are getting used to letting computers do things for us and are starting to trust the internet and the companies that dominate it with our data. It is all around us and feels more like mere software every day. 

It used to be that the TV remote control was a thing of wonder and that stereo systems containing record players, radios and cassette players were must have items, but ‘objects’ no longer seem to hold such a reverence today. This is not a bad thing because it is arguable that the demise of physical music and movies save money, the environment and makes every easier, but there are examples of objects married with technology that still grab my attention today.

I recently bought an Avia Swissonic electronic watch which is dated as produced in 1968 for an extremely good price as it is a type of object that has fascinated me for some time. This particular one is in pristine condition and looks as good inside as it does out. It offers a genuine sense of late 1960’s fashion thanks to the gracefully sculptured case and glass which protrudes like few watches would dare do today. The strap is also striking in appearance, looking like something an astronaut would attach to the outside of his space suit in times of need. There is something so unique and special about late 1960’s and early 1970’s watches that draws me in, but there is something even more special about the Avia Swissonic.

It is one of a breed of watches that took the mechanical tradition and turned it on its head by being able to keep time more accurately than ever before, and this model loses approximately 1 second a day. That is incredible for a watch that is close to half a century old. And that is what attracts me to the Accutron watches and variants of this age. They are the only pieces of technology I can think of that are authentic from before I was born and which can satisfy my needs today. I can think of no other mechanical or technical object that can do that- only these particular watches offer the best of both worlds to me.

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