Apple cannot win

Apple stock fell down and stayed down Wednesday morning, as investors seemed disappointed by another set of record-breaking results and a lack of fireworks over Apple Watch sales figures. The stock was off by 5% before lunchtime.

Analysts said Apple’s investors are frankly spoiled. “The sharp plunge in the stock price can partly be attributed to the company missing projections for iPhone shipments and revenue forecasts, but is largely due to the fact that investors had become accustomed to significant earnings beats by Apple,” wrote James Chen, senior market analyst to City Index.

The above from The Guardian sums up the ridiculous situation that Apple is in. What exactly does Apple have to do to please some of these investors and analysts who are determined to push for more and more until it breaks? It is true that when you are at the top, you can only head one way, but we have reached the point where Apple should perhaps start completely ignoring what investors want. Of course this cannot happen in 2015 (sadly) and so Apple will continue to work on a new transportation service (rent an Apple car?), the Watch, more revisions of the iPhone and so on in the hope of achieving the impossible.

Concerns over the amount of money smartphones will bring in over the next 5 years are valid and so are those surrounding dwindling iPad sales and the general slow down of PC sales, but Apple is busting it in almost every area in comparison to the rest of the industry. So, what is the real problem here? 


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