1972 Bulova Cal.12 Rare Chronograph

1970’s fashion was terrible. The furniture was terrible and so were many consumer car designs. Despite many people hoping for a long time, 1970’s fashion has never returned and likely never will because the decade was an abomination in so many cultural ways.

So why is it that 1970’s style watches are becoming more and more popular? What is it about the styling that actually looks better today that it ever did? An example is the 1972 Bulova Cal.12 Rare Chronograph above which recently appeared on eBay for £1,550. It is admittedly rare to find one in such good condition, but just look at it! It is, to me, quite beautiful and displays most of the qualities I want in a watch; great quality throughout, big, a quirky design which has been carefully considered and it all comes together to make me want to wear it, badly.

It also sums up to me the gap between something like this and today’s smartwatches which look and feel like they have come from a factory. The attempts to make them feel unique and somehow limited are not working because it shouldn’t be necessary anyway. The Bulova above doesn’t need lots of words and exclusivity to make it desirable. It just is.

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