What else are you going to buy?

It would be fair to say that my iMac has just about reached the end of the road. After 4 years the sound has gone, the hard drive is behaving sporadically and I managed to get a rather large scratch on the screen which is in just the wrong place. I have struggled on in the hope of keeping it going for a full 5 years, but I had to admit defeat and look elsewhere.

I walked into my local PC World, yes I know I should know better, and ended up spending thirty minutes talking to the most knowledgable and helpful assistant I have ever met in that home for people who know nothing about computers. We discussed the 5K iMac, but the sheer size of the unit would be problematic. Also, the price is exceptionally high and so I looked smaller. My plan was to buy a MacBook Pro and to use it alongside the iMac, which can be a larger display when needed, and to then have the flexibility to write when I am away from home.

We talked about how Apple has changed, he is the Apple rep in that store, and how the little extras that built loyalty are now gone. No display port cable anymore, no remote control, a lack of user expansion in most devices and the feeling that Apple is acting like so many other companies when it really does not need to. We discussed and agreed that the Apple Watch is far too expensive and that it is far from the best Apple product to date. We laughed at the new MacBook and the unnecessarily flat keyboard, and finally we discussed the MacBook Pro with only 256GB of storage. 

It has taken some time for me to get used to the idea that I do not need a huge amount of local storage and that I can live with the fact that the majority of my music and files are in the cloud. For people like me who have been using computers for a long time, it is a bit of a jump to embrace the fact that computer data does not need to be permanent, but I am getting there.

After some time discussing the relatively high price of the MacBook Pro and the specifications you get for that money he, in a very genuine way, said to me “What else are you going to buy?” and pointed to the myriad of Windows laptops running 8.1 in the store. I looked over, remembered my recent dreadful experiences with 2 new Windows laptops and asked him to check the stock numbers of the MacBook. 

The MacBook Pro is of course wonderful to use and the Retina screen is beautiful. Even Force Touch works very well, but I was most impressed by how simply signing into iCloud brought all of my favourites and so much of my data over to the point that I could start working immediately.

When I compare the above to having to jump through hoops just to download updates and apps on Windows I knew I had made the right decision. Windows 10 may be much better than Windows 8.1, it really is good, but still the same old problems remain and still the MacBook and Mac OS X remain a cut above. What else was I going to buy?

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