Apple Music is surprisingly brilliant

I have already reached the point where I can’t imagine my iPhone without Apple Music. It has become much bigger than it actually is to me and feels like a door to all of the audible entertainment I could want.

This is obviously unusually positive for me, but my recent few weeks with Spotify showed that I can live with streaming and the human factor in Apple Music is not to be ignored. Beats 1 doesn’t necessarily cover what I tend to like, but my tastes are vast and I have discovered some decent artists already.

The spot by St Vincent brought some other artists to my attention such as Angel Olsen (check out the video above) and The Antlers, and I have also discovered many rare demos from the likes of Roy Orbison. I don’t quite know how the app is doing it, but I am finding new music all of the time and it is broadening my musical horizons.

It is still a bit of a mess in my opinion, especially the ‘My Music’ section, but maybe that it part of the appeal? Just maybe the chaotic and cramped interface works in a backwards way to make the app and service somehow feel bigger. Just maybe it is needed to give a sense of the vast resources the app offers and to show you that there is no end to what is available.

One aspect I don’t particularly like is a hidden focus on only playing a track once. Through the radio stations you can only move forwards and when playing an album, the previously played tracks are hidden until you access it again. Discovery is great and many people, particularly those like me who believe that their music tastes have reached a static point, probably need a push, but good music deserves to be played over and over again to truly appreciate every aspect.

Apple Music will succeed purely because it is Apple, but potentially it also has the ability to make radio popular all over again. It has the potential to make money for artists (seriously not convinced of that) and it has the potential to become one of Apple’s biggest successes so far. At this point I cannot imagine cancelling the service after the 3 month trial. I really can’t.

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