Is it time for Apple to stop acting like one of the biggest companies in the world?

A few things have happened recently that have made me wonder where Apple is going. Small things that put together suggest a change in direction and I am not sure that I like what I am seeing. 

The Taylor Swift debacle which looks a little contrived to me. The main problem is that she is happy to stream her latest album on the service now because Apple offers a tiny bit more per play than other services. She seems to be coming round to the idea of streaming, no choice I guess, but the gushing over Apple and the public thanks seems a little strange.

The email that Apple sent out regarding its new News service (“If we receive a legal claim about your RSS content, we will tell you so that you can resolve the issue, including indemnifying Apple if Apple is included in the claim.”) seems a little out of touch and somewhat heavy handed. 

The lack of 32GB iPhones looks like a money grab to me. There has recently been some rumours suggesting that it was for technical reasons, but I really do not buy that at all. It was profit pure and simple.

A more stringent approach to dealing with faults and in particular user damage to products. It used to be the case that Apple was renowned for going above and beyond, and to be fair it still does sometimes, but this is eroding slightly.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fool and recognise how very large companies work, but I do wonder if Apple should not act like one of the biggest companies in the world in order to stay as one of them. The company has got in to a position where it has enough bandwidth to jump even further ahead in terms of customer service and satisfaction. It can in effect bribe customers to buy their loyalty by offering a supreme level of service which will likely do more than all of the fancy gimmicks in the world.

Apple Music is of course needed to compete with the likes of Spotify. The Apple Watch is of course… not very useful at all and the sales figures for the iPhone are extraordinary. The Mac is still growing and the business is still growing every quarter. This may only be the start, but I am starting to see some chinks appear which are not necessary at all.

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