WWDC 2015: what did you think?

So, what did you think of the WWDC keynote yesterday?

It was as understated as many of us expected with an emphasis on fixing things and increasing stability appearing to be the main focus for the next 12 months. Bravo!

I was, however, quite surprised at how many of the ‘new’ ideas are already available elsewhere.

The split screen is something I am fairly sure I have seen elsewhere…

Apple News = Flipboard.

Apple Music = Spotify or any other service that recognises that most people who are prepared to pay for music will likely not need recommendations for what to listen to. The emphasis on recommendations, 24 hour radio and the artist pages seem to miss the mark and feel like unnecessary additions.

Low Power mode = Samsung’s next ‘we did this before you’ advert.

Apple Pay should be fun to try and so should the improved Spotlight, but besides some terrible Dad dancing on stage it was a fairly muted affair.

I don’t think I mind it that way. We should take a year to breathe and use that time to decide what comes next.

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