The Swatch Sistem51 Irony

In contrast to the Pebble 2 below, Swatch has done something remarkable with its Sistem51 range and produced a set of watches that are lovely to look at and which feel like much more than the asking price. You can read more about them at SJX, but it’s fair to say that for the first […]

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Pebble 2 “I am not a toddler.”

Design will probably be the most divisive element of the Pebble 2. By the standard of today’s mob of smartwatches and fitness trackers, it’s not a looker, with a rectangular shape, monochrome 144 x 168 pixel screen and plasticky feel that doesn’t scream style unless you’re all about “geek chic”. Its 22mm silicone strap comes […]

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Apple Watch Series 2 teardown

As always, IFIXIT has nailed the teardown craft with the Apple Watch Series 2 and highlighted a surprisingly small number of different parts. You may think that the above image looks impressive considering how small the Apple Watch is and it is, but a mechanical watch looks somewhat more complicated, and impressive?

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