The benefits of walking

According to the NHS, adults should be doing “at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity a week”. Walking counts towards this weekly exercise goal, and can help you build stamina and improve cardiovascular health – but you have to make sure you’re going at a “brisk” pace. During the exercise, Dr Davies says that […]

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400+ workouts on demand

PUREGYM just made 400 workouts available for free. This is a hugely impressive collection. Contactless access to the gym using your phoneLive attendance tracker to help plan your visits to the gymLoads of great classes and 400+ workouts on demandBuild a personalised workout to meet your goalsManage your membership from changing your gym to updating […]

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Pre-symptomatic detection of COVID-19 from smartwatch data

The use of wearable devices has ample potential to mitigate the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. To date, the pandemic has infected tens of millions of individuals and caused over one million deaths worldwide. There is a substantial need for improved infection tracking, and population-scale technology solutions provide a promising avenue to identify cases in […]

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Blood Oxygen randomness

I took my blood oxygen on the Apple Watch 3 times yesterday morning, one straight after the other and I was surprised to see utter randomness in the results. It made up my mind that the new blood oxygen feature on the Apple Watch is useless, but I was completely wrong. My wife explained to […]

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