Dramatic levels of “friendly fire” from the immune system may drive severe Covid-19 disease and leave patients with “long Covid” – when medical problems persist for a significant time after the virus has been beaten – scientists have said.

Researchers at Yale University found that Covid-19 patients had large numbers of misguided antibodies in their blood that targeted the organs, tissues and the immune system itself, rather than fighting off the invading virus.

The scientists compared immune responses in patients and uninfected people and discovered scores of aberrant antibodies in the former.These blocked antiviral defences, wiped out helpful immune cells, and attacked the body on multiple fronts, from the brain, blood vessels and liver to connective tissue and the gastrointestinal tract… More here.

This makes sense on so many levels. Will be interesting to see where this research goes.

The Tesla of Face Masks

While that future is years away, the Atmoblue team is more focused on the current crisis we have on our hands. We covered the mask back in April, when the product was still under development, but now, the Atmoblue is shipping out to consumers. The app is scheduled to roll out in a matter of weeks, while the mask can be ordered using the link below. The Atmoblue ships worldwide, and if you order one today, it’ll almost certainly reach you before Christmas… More here.

Looking at this it feels like an unnerving future is appearing before our eyes.

Women Are Colder Than Men

The biggest factor in the different perceptions of temperature between men and women is that women are, in fact, just warmer to begin with. A study done by the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 1992 looked at core body temperatures of both men and women. Their results found that though both men and women had core temperatures that varied throughout the day, women’s core temps were, on average, slightly higher than men. It stands to reason, then, that since women are a bit warmer to start with, cool temperatures will feel even cooler to females than to males… More here.

I always wondered if there was a physical reason for this. For example, Jo is normally 37.3 degrees and I average just over 36. This can cause a few ‘discussions’ regarding how hot the house is etc.

The “Social Mask”

The cheek thermometer on the Social Mask provides real-time readouts for all to see, allowing others to steer clear if the wearer has a fever. The biosensors can also monitor the presence of germs and other pollutants in the air. All the data is then sent to the user’s smartphone, sending alerts if hazardous airborne pathogens are indeed detected.

If the masks were to gain widespread use, the app could generate maps of the air in surrounding areas within a quarter-mile radius. Based on wearer temperatures and particle collection, the app will utilize an algorithm to calculate the percentage of possible COVID-19 infections, pinning them on the maps. Even the infections of asymptomatic people could be “seen” with a smartphone… More here.

I kind of really like this design.

Why do I wake up at the same time every night?

“Nobody sleeps through the night,” he says. “This goes back to our caveman days where one would wake up, scan the environment, make sure there are no tigers, and then go back to sleep.”

But while waking up in the night is common enough, you should be able to get to sleep again within a few minutes. Often, people don’t even remember it happening.

If you don’t nod back off, there could be a larger underlying issue at play. And it’s here that you should pay attention to the time you wake up each night – if it remains consistent, it can reveal a lot about you, and your body… More here.

I am fascinated by this because I wake up at 3am every single night, or at least I have since March.

‘It didn’t hurt at all’

CNN’s Cyril Vanier speaks with Martin Kenyon, a 91-year-old Briton who received the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine. The United Kingdom has become the world’s first nation to begin vaccinating its citizens with a fully vetted and authorized Covid-19 shot, a landmark moment in the coronavirus pandemic… More here.

The most British of British people.

Open letter from an ICU nurse

My patient is incredibly sick; they have a tube keeping their airway open, sedated, ventilated, paralysed, needing multiple inotropes, severely septic needing dialysis, who needs to be proned, as they are needing 100% oxygen.

I take a detailed handover, I then record my observations including ventilator, dialysis, patient vital signs, medication rates and anything else that needs documenting… More here.

This hits hard.

A Smartwatch App To Help Stop His Dad’s Nightmares

Patrick was being consumed by nightmares. At night his dreams took him back to Fallujah, where he had served in the U.S. Army as a convoy commander. He sweated profusely and thrashed around in his sleep, sometimes violently.

The nightmares were so vivid and so terrible that he feared closing his eyes. The only way he could get to sleep was with vodka and pills, he says.

Patrick’s life began to unwind. His marriage fell apart. “[I] pretty much lost everything,” he says, fighting back tears. “My house, everything, my job, everything went.” More here.

A heartwarming outcome from an awful situation.

Hackers will target anything

The international vaccine supply chain has been targeted by cyber-espionage, according to IBM.

The company says it tracked a campaign aimed at the delivery “cold chain” used to keep vaccines at the right temperature during transportation.

The attackers’ identity is unclear – but IBM said the sophistication of their methods indicated a nation state.

It follows warnings from governments – including the UK’s – of countries targeting aspects of vaccine research… More here.

You would think that there were areas that were off limits for hackers and rogue states, but obviously not.

Somryst: losing sleep? You will now.

With Somryst, you get a treatment for chronic insomnia that’s proven, recommended, and ready to go at the touch of a button. Get better sleep that lasts.

Somryst is an app which is part of a wider service to help you if you are having sleep problems.

If you look for the pricing on the Somryst site it is very difficult to find.

Somryst costs $899 for a nine week course. $899.