iBook → Air

Superb photos tweeted by Jordan Singer. It is easy to look at a photo of the iBook and believe it looks quite slim. And then it is compared to 2020 and…

South of the Circle

A narrative adventure game by the BAFTA winning studio State of Play. Antarctica, 1964.A crashed aircraft, tail to the sky. Cambridge academic Peter stumbles from the wreckage in search of help, fighting the cold. As his attempts to escape the… Read More ›

Apple leaps forward

I watched the Apple event last night and I was stunned by the specs on offer, the improved battery performance and the fact the prices remain the same. It felt like my iPhone 11 Pro being released 4 years ago…. Read More ›

AirBuddy 2

With AirBuddy, you can simply open your AirPods case next to your Mac and see the current status right away, just like how it works on your iPhone or iPad. With just a click you’ll be instantly connected and playing… Read More ›