So, here’s the thing

I’m not here to discuss tomorrow; I’m here to discuss today. Today, I feel handcuffed every time I use an iPad. Even for the things I can accomplish, I have to jump through flaming hoops in order to do so…. Read More ›


Charge your MacBook and/or three devices up to 2x faster than a standard charger. Connect and sync up to three USB devices with your MacBook. For the exact same price as a standard Apple MacBook USB-C charger, you can do so much… Read More ›


OSX/Dok, a new strain of “major scale” malware targeting macOS users, can bypass the Gatekeeper feature that’s designed to block malicious software. The newly identified trojan, which prevents you from doing anything on your Mac until you install a bogus… Read More ›


As of this week, after the better part of a decade, I’m no longer an Evernote user. There are many reasons why — its ever-bloating feature set, its rising prices, its privacy gaffes — but the biggest reason why is… Read More ›