The Wingback Cash Wallet


The Wingback Cash Wallet is at the evolutionary midpoint between your regular old-school wallet, and your mobile that now has the ability to make payments. Small enough to fit in any pocket, and unbelievably handy, the Cash Wallet holds up to 20 notes and 5 cards. It folds thrice, making it compact, and allows you to access your cards and even your notes with sheer style… More at YD.

Nice product, but one on the endangered species list? Wallets could follow cards and money alongside so many other products we use every day.

20 stunning theatres


From time immemorial, people have gathered around campfires to regale one another with songs and stories. The human yearning for poetry and community has not subsided throughout the ages, but the location certainly has. Shakespeare’s Globe in London, England, and the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, Italy, are not merely places to see a show — they are gateways to another world that are works of art unto themselves… More at Yahoo.

Number 3 is amazing.

A LEGO Macintosh Classic

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 08.07.58.png

For a hardware dilettante extraordinaire like me, connecting the e-paper display to the Raspberry Pi Zero was a little tricky. The reason was space. Normally, you can just connect the display to your Raspberry Pi with the ribbon cable. That doesn’t work in this case (see what I did there?), though, so I had to figure out which pin of their 14 pin serial expansion connector goes to which GPIO pin of the Raspberry Pi… More at Jannis Hermanns.

And why would you not want to make this if you can?

AirRings for AirPods: not a crazy idea?


Let your AirPods sparkle with our trendy selection of AirRings. We’ve got something for every style – from glamorous ear cuffs for the fashionista, simple bands for the classically chic and stunning drop styles for the glamourati. Our precious metal selection includes silver, yellow gold and, of course, rose gold to match your iPhone… More at Twelve South.

Yes, it was an April Fools joke, but it was slightly different in that it almost makes sense. I showed my wife the product and she thought that some subtle jewellery on the AirPods could add some personality and actually move them into the fashion space. Are these so different than blinged cases?

When your phone is wiped by mistake, how do you react?

We took to the streets of London to undertake a revealing experiment: how would people react if their phones were wiped by mistake? This is what happened.

What I don’t get, and I see this ALL of the time, is how many people carry important photos on their phones and don’t seem back them up or even know that they can back them up, or that they may already be backed up.

Time and time again I hear people at work and elsewhere talk about how they ‘lost everything’ when they lost their phone or when it broke. Appears to me that the likes of Apple and Samsung need to do more to ensure people keep their information safe, but to be fair they already do a huge amount in this area.

I suspect that some people will never understand that their information is merely data which can move from device to device and stay with them for many years.

S-Town is live

Photo 28-03-2017, 17 26 48.png

John despises his Alabama town and decides to do something about it. He asks a reporter to investigate the son of a wealthy family who’s allegedly been bragging that he got away with murder. But then someone else ends up dead, sparking a nasty feud, a hunt for hidden treasure, and an unearthing of the mysteries of one man’s life… More here.

First impressions are very positive.

Apple annoys Workflow users


Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for Apple to put a damper on the good vibes. Almost immediately, the negative App Store reviews and complaints began to flow in as existing users discovered that Apple had removed the ability to link to most useful third party apps and services, most notably Google’s, after an update. Bear in mind that these are existing paying users. No matter how Apple chooses to spin this, and knowing them and how their PR works, they may not even bother unless the complaints become an outright uproar, it’s still a bad look… More at iPad Insight.

Naughty Apple. Will be interesting to see if this changes.

Apple buys Workflow


Apple has finalized a deal to acquire Workflow today — a tool that lets you hook together apps and functions within apps in strings of commands to automate tasks. We’ve been tracking this one for a while but were able to confirm just now that the ink on the deal is drying as we speak.

I haven’t been able to get financial details for the deal, but if I come up with them I’ll update. As far as I know it was a solid payday for the team and small upside for investors. Workflow had raised an unannounced seed round of what we’re hearing was in the range of a couple million from Lowercase, Eniac and General Catalyst… More at TechCrunch.

This could be very important. For those of us that use iOS, we love the stability, simplicity and the way it works. However, many people would like to see more flexibility and the ability to more easily customise how it works to suit our own needs.

Your iPhone apps may no longer work

Photo 16-03-2017, 20 28 32.png

I thought this is important for as many people to see as possible. A few years ago, Apple switched to 64 bit processing and storage. Shortly thereafter, they started requiring all new apps and updates to be switched to 64 bit. Recently, they started culling old apps that had effectively been abandoned and were not 64 bit. You may see the warning upon launching an app that it may slow down your iPhone. This is because it’s a 32-bit app. In iOS 10.3, there’ll be a stronger warning and you’ll be able to find out which apps are 32-bit. And as of iOS 11, those 32-bit apps will no longer work. Better check them now. Bob

Good advice from Bob who also sent in this link to show you how to check your apps.