Subway jam session

This is great, but all I ever get on a train is one person talking to themselves, another shouting into his phone and the rest looking utterly miserable. Oh for a train ride like the one above. Love it when the passenger joins in.

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Seems So Long Ago, Nancy

In 1969 Leonard Cohen released a record entitled Songs From A Room. The fifth track on that album is “Seems So Long Ago, Nancy.” The song has become one of Cohen’s more popular ones; it has found its way onto one of his live albums and has been covered by several other artists. It is […]

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Prime is improving all the time

I have written about this before, but I must say that Amazon Prime is improving all of the time. I sort of ignored the music offering recently and when I returned it appeared that a decent selection is now available to stream or download. It isn’t as comprehensive as the likes of Apple Music or […]

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The Original iPod

Love this video of the original iPad from Stephen Hackett. Looks like Apple could not be so obsessed with a slim design back then, but it still has some serious design chops.

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