Harry Potter wizard’s chess

Square Off, currently a Kickstarter project, brings the best of modern tech to the classic board game feel – while it looks like a standard board, it’s connected to apps and the web, and can use small magnetic trackers to move pieces around autonomously… More at Gadget. Now that is what I call a great […]

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NES Classic Edition

Nintendo seems to have stumbled onto the perfect holiday gift with its NES Classic Edition. The diminutive plastic box packs 30 classic games into a pint-sized recreation of the original NES. It’s USB-powered and spits out video via HDMI, but the games look and play just like they used to… More at Mashable.  I would […]

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The Nintendo Switch

Interesting, very interesting. Many people were caught off guard by the Nintendo Switch today and with good reason. From the video above, I am in two, or three, minds about it, but can see some potential here. It competes well with phone gaming which is hugely popular, it offers the full-screen gaming experience which is […]

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Donkey Kong’s Darkest Secrets

“At that time, while I was making Donkey Kong, the conversations were all around how ‘globalism is important’ and ‘we should think worldwide,’” he said. “We listened to a lot of Nintendo of America’s opinions, but not all of them.” “For example, for the game’s title, I was trying to convey the idea of ‘stupid […]

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