10 years creating an epic theme park in Rollercoaster Tycoon 2


The game came out in 2002, but up until yesterday, I-am-Prime was still working on fine-tuning an isometric amusement park that was years in the making.

As Prime mentioned in a Reddit post, the park contains 34 roller coasters, 255 attractions and shops, and nearly 8000 guests. To-date, the park’s monorail has been ridden by 1 million different imaginary humans. Also that giant cube-like warehouse in the top left corner is actually an indoor roller coaster… More at Kotaku.


Old mobile games

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 20.08.29.png

For some reason I was thinking about Astraware yesterday and some of the amazing games they made for PDAs of the past. They still make great games today, but in an industry that is much larger and very difficult to reach the top within.

I then started thinking about some of the games I loved a lot and wondered if any of you knew of alternatives that are available today on iOS and Android? It seems that there are some games (mostly Palm OS) that have never been recreated for modern mobile devices.

Igzo The Dolphin


A near perfect game which was hugely addictive on Palm OS devices. It simply involved jumping a dolphin through hoops and the repetitiveness was what ironically made it so great to play.

Amusement Park


Such simple games cobbled together to make you want to beat your high score in each, and then to round it all up by getting your best overall high score. Loved it!



For some reason the 2D mobile version of Monopoly worked brilliantly whereas the new 3D slick versions are just too complex for their own good. Give me a 2D version back.



What a great game this was, but sadly it didn’t make it past the very earliest mobile devices.

Biplane Ace


Great (!) game from Astraware. Played this for hours and hours and hours.

Are there any other games that you want to play again?

Ballz for iOS

Photo 28-03-2017, 19 46 47.png

Relax your brain with the champion of time killer!

Swipe your finger to throw the balls and break the bricks.
Try to break as many bricks as possible before they move down to the bottom.
Collect all the items to get additional balls and make an endless ball chain!

The level of bricks will be increased after each round you throw the balls.
Very easy to play but very hard to reach high scores. Don’t forget the angle is the key point! Download here.

This is such an addictive game!

Kingsway: an RPG set in Windows 95


The latest announcement from Adult Swim Games is Kingsway coming to PC in summer 2017. The announcement trailer is run as an old-school infomercial for a new computer operating system, but it is absolutely a point-and-click RPG styled to look like Windows 95.

You can chose from a variety of different character types like any RPG, each of which has its own special skills. The game within Kingsway comes complete with quests and random enemy encounters that function as pop-ups on the fictional OS which allows you to customize the interface to suit your playstyle. And naturally, killing enemies, plundering dungeons, and completing quests grants you loot. The more difficult the challenge, the better the loot you get. Standard RPG right? More at Bleeding Cool.

Not an environment I ever wanted to see again, but I like the originality of the idea.

Space Invaders as a Board Game


Space Invaders was the first game I owned on the Game Boy. My dad had played it when he was young and wanted me to have it. It’s simple and addicting; I’m not sure how many hours I spent shooting UFOs and chasing high scores but it was a lot. Space Invaders Dice is the first game by Turn One Gaming Supplies, though not the first game by designer Daryl Andrews. It aims to capture the fun of high scores and pew-pews in a svelte roll-and-write package, and for the most part succeeds… More at Geek & Sundry.

An unusual idea, but the more I look at it the more I can see myself playing it.

Love You to Bits


A couple of days ago, we wrote that the fantastic Love You to Bits [Free] was getting new content at some point this month, and now Apple has made the game its free app of the week, so you should most definitely grab it if you haven’t bought the game already. Love You to Bits is the spiritual successor to the lovely Tiny Thief, and it’s a wonderful journey filled with adorable characters and fun puzzles. It really is one of those games you should experience if you enjoy adventure games or puzzle games even a bit. Although, to be honest, this is the kind of game you should buy just to support the developers… More at Touch Arcade.

Well worth picking up. Great game.

Sinclair ZX Vega+ funding campaign halted


Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo intervened to stop a handheld retro computer console campaign from acquiring further funding, the BBC has learned.

The Spectrum ZX Vega+, backed by Sir Clive Sinclair, had achieved its original crowdfunding target.

But then Indiegogo halted further fundraising because of delivery delays and a lack of communication to backers.

The project’s organisers had asked the BBC not to reveal the development.

The BBC understands no consoles have been delivered to backers, despite a pledge last month that they would “ship after 20 Feb 2017″… More at The BBC.

The Gemini PDA has currently got $436,182 of funding. Yes, this one.