Samsung Galaxy Note8

The innovation of the Galaxy Note8’s design makes possible the 6.3″ Infinity Display. It’s the biggest ever for a Galaxy Note—giving you more screen for a bigger view and more space to use the S Pen. And it still fits… Read More ›

Essential Phone review

The Essential Phone is here: a new phone from the inventor of Android, Andy Rubin. Can an edge-to-edge screen and new system for magnetic modules take on the Pixel XL? It sure looks pretty, but I’m not convinced about the… Read More ›

Nokia 6 – £199.99 SIM free

“The Android-powered Nokia 6 is the flagship of the 2017 Nokia smartphone range, packed with great features for a smooth, great-looking mobile experience. Exclusively available from Carphone Warehouse.” More here. A decent price SIM free, but I am struggling to… Read More ›

The Galaxy Note FE

Don’t expect to have an easy time finding one. The Galaxy Note FE will sell for about 30 percent less than the original Note 7, at 699,600 won (about $611), but only 400,000 units will be available on its Korean… Read More ›

The Samsung Galaxy Folder 2

Available in South Korea, Samsung positions the device as providing the intuitiveness of flip phones, but with smartphone features. The former is achieved by a large keypad, with separate shortcut buttons for contacts, texting, social, and camera next to the… Read More ›

The Samsung Chromebook Plus

It’s also unique in that it’s part of Google’s attempt to combine ChromeOS and Android, letting you use the features of the Chrome operating system while also accessing Android apps. If you already use an Android smartphone, this Chromebook should… Read More ›

Slimmer Bezels Than The Galaxy S8

Though the picture doesn’t show the whole device, it’s looking very sexy ala the Galaxy S8. Factor in the whopping 8GB of RAM and the 23-megapixel+12-megapixel dual camera set-up, this device is looking like an absolute monster… More at Forbes…. Read More ›