Motorola (iPhone X) P30

Smartphone brand Motorola has been criticised for revealing a “shameless” copy of the iPhone X as its new model. Many phone-makers have copied the look of the iPhone X, which has a smaller bezel around the screen and a “notch”… Read More ›

Smug Android users

I often hear people criticise iPhone users with a huge degree of ignorance. The presumption that we are all sheep and do not know what we are buying seems commonplace. Steve, however, sent me the video below which takes an… Read More ›


Built smart and built tough, the Mission can withstand the elements so you can take it with you anywhere: in the water, on the hill, off road and beyond. Powered by Android Wear™ and working hand in hand with Surfline®,… Read More ›

Google stuff

The Pixel 2 looks really sweet to me and sometimes I wish I wasn’t so embedded in iOS. For some reason, however, it doesn’t excite it any way… The Pixel Buds are exciting though and offer something that feels completely… Read More ›

Facer 4.0

There are currently around 30,000 watch faces in the growing Facer database. While smartwatches and the potential for designers to come up with creative watch faces is exciting, there will naturally be demand for the good design of familiar and… Read More ›