The date window

I don’t think I’m the minority opinion here. If, by some miracle, we were able to get access to an apples-to-apples comparison – say, the sales figures for the Rolex no-date Submariner versus the date version – I suspect that the latter… Read More ›

The Omega Memomatic

I spotted the above Omega Memomatic in a local jewellers today and was surprised at how taken I was with it. The grey dial is simply stunning and the unique inner orange hands, to set the alarm, add to the… Read More ›

No one noticed it, no one…

The person putting the dial together didn’t notice. The person putting the case together didn’t notice. The person doing the final quality checking didn’t notice. The person selling it didn’t notice. The person buying it didn’t notice. We humans are… Read More ›

Spot the difference

A colleague at work bought a new watch for £13. It is the one on the left in the above photo. The one on the right costs £2,780 and to anyone who does not like watches a purchase of the… Read More ›