The Arnold & Son Globetrotter

The new Arnold & Son Globetrotter is an eye-catching world time wristwatch, with an independently settable hour hand and a very large 3-D Earth, showing the Northern Hemisphere as seen from directly above the North Pole. The Earth rotates once… Read More ›

Wearing it back to front

The unbelievably beautiful chronograph caliber from Montblanc – in a steel case at 28k. And anybody who says “this isn’t worth 28k bc it says montblanc on the dial” needs to learn about watchmaking. easily top 2 chronographs in the… Read More ›

The RM 11-03

The collaboration was conceived by McLaren’s design director, Robert Melville, and Richard Mille’s engineer Fabrice Namura. The McLaren 720S—a favorite of Namura—was one of the inspirations behind the design and is Robb Report’s No. 2 Car of the Year. The… Read More ›

Visser Watch

The Visser takes its name from abstract-minimalist artist Carel Nicolaas Visser. The square, 35mm face has rounded corners and a brushed dial, and never fails to attract a second glance. A stitchless leather band secures the watch, offering a timeless… Read More ›

Electric clocks running slow in Europe

Continental European Power System has been experiencing, since mid-January, continuous significant power deviations due to shortage in supply from one transmission system operator of the interconnected system. All actions are taken by the TSOs of Continental Europe and by ENTSO-E… Read More ›


Custom LCD module with 100m water resistance, dual chronographs, oversized LED backlight display, and fiber-reinforced case made to withstand even the harshest conditions… More here. I kind of like digital watches that offer a simplistic case structure. Sort of like… Read More ›

The Bremont 2018 collection

Decent new collection from Bremont of which the S501 particularly catches my eye. BE-92AE automatic chronometer with 38-hour power reserve. 43mm stainless steel Trip-Tick® case construction. Water resistant to 50 ATM, 500 metres. Vintage leather strap.

The Big Watch Book 2017

The Big Watch Book magazine from Esquire UK – the ultimate guide to stylish timekeeping and a celebration of the very best that the world’s preeminent watch brands have to offer. Whereas the vast majority of stand-alone watch titles tend… Read More ›