McGST Podcast Episode 24 (Questions #2)

Some more questions from you answered in this episode-

Why do you hate Android? Why are you an Apple fanboy?

You talked about Christmas in the last podcast. Is it gone now with the latest lockdown?

Trump or Biden?

Is the overall feedback for your work positive or negative? I ran a blog for a few months and gave up because of the abuse.

You seem to love watches and are quite vocal about them. What watch should I buy and what should I avoid? I have £3,000 and want a watch for the rest of my life. Also, I want to buy my wife a watch, up to £500.

What in the world are you most proud of? You seem to look back a lot and appear to be overly critical.

Favourite writer, singer and musician?

Music by Tom Munch.

McGST Podcast Episode 23 (buying stuff)

Cannot find owner of image to give proper credit (Rolex 1675)

In this episode Joanne and I discuss the following (excuse the sound quality- I need to figure out the new microphone and spend some more time editing in the future)

Do we actually buy anything on merit and do we actually like anything we buy?

Should we buy less and buy better?

Becoming melancholy…

How are we still alive!?!

Music by Tom Munch.

McGST Podcast Episode 22 (Survival mode, no possessions and Borat)

Joanne and I talk about James O’Brien’s new book, How Not To Be Wrong, and if survival mode is wholly a bad thing. The discussion meanders around a bit (far too long?), but I think she learned from me in the end! Note: Listening back to the podcast I seem to take an eternity to ask any question, but don’t worry. Jo is more than happy to pick me up on it…

We then touch on a future of no physical possessions and if we are at the start of such a movement to a near digital-only future.

Finally, we talk about the new Borat movie and how it made us feel.

Music by Tom Munch.

McGST Podcast Episode 21 (Music) [Spotify only]

This episode is merely a selection of my favourite ten songs. I built it because of the new music integration feature in Spotify and wanted to give it a try. Please note that if you are not a Spotify Premium member you will only get the 30 second previews of each song.

I don’t expect anyone to get through all ten songs, but I guess it is possible that you may find one that entices you to check out one of the artists further.

The episode is available to listen to here. Enjoy, or maybe not!

Ten: Yes by McAlmont & Butler Nine: Pincushion of Stars by Tom Munch Eight: Southbound Jericho Parkway by Roy Orbison Seven: Where Your Eyes Don’t Go by They Might Be Giants Six: Strauss, R: Vier Ietzte Lieder, TrV 196: IV. Im Abendrot Five: Nikes by Frank Ocean Four: Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony by Ween Three: Collective Dreamwish of Upperclass Elegance by Grandaddy Two: The March Of The Black Queen by Queen One: Anthem by Leonard Cohen

McGST Podcast Episode 20 (Questions…)

The first question comes from Lauren in New York who asked the following-

“Do you think Christmas can really be Christmas in the year 2020?”

Next up was Billy who asked-

“Your views on lockdown dogs?”

Jon sent in a few questions-

“Your view on tech today, the chasing for specs – thinking along the lines how everything new is “the best” when in reality the majority don’t care.”

“Your views on journalism and tech writing the old days to now?”

“Your story of how you got into what you do now.”

“Jo’s funny stories from being on the front line.”

And finally, Stan popped up with a statement-

“Joanne seems so nice, you seem so miserable.”

Music by Tom Munch.

McGST Podcast Episode 19 (Sami Mughal)

In this episode I chat to a man I have known for some time through McGST and the WhatsApp Group, Sami Mughal.

He runs OxGadgets and has done so for the past 8 years, and in that time has covered almost every device you can think of.

We discuss technology in general and what we can expect from Apple in the latter part of 2020. Sami believes that we may see the ability to finally capture the moon in the next iPhone and sent me over some samples of what he has captured to date-

Taken with the Huawei P30 Pro
Captured with an Olympus DSLR 15 years ago
Captured with the iPhone 7 Plus😗

We then have a quick discussion about race and if improvements are actually happening in our societies.

Next up a brief chat about kids and the effect they have on our lives.

And finally, what film should you watch next? Sami chooses a ‘very’ famous film, but one which can be viewed through a different lens in 2020.

Music by Tom Munch.