McGST Podcast Episode 33 (I don’t have a problem with those who have a problem with things I don’t have a problem with)

In this quick episode I talk to myself about disagreeing with the views of others while remaining reasonable and how ultimately we will likely all argue about everything forever.

Please note that I quoted some percentages about the Oxford Vaccine which were slightly out, but the point they were used to make still stands as correct.

Music by Tom Munch

McGST Podcast Episode 32 (Being 16)

We start by discussing if the way we parented was most influenced by societal norms or by the way our parents brought us up.

Next up was a discussion on education in 2020 and if kids have any respect for teachers. Are the teaching methods we have today fit for purpose and why are not all children included? Alice gives us an interesting insight on what education is like today.

How influential is social media on teenagers and just how damaging is it? Alice sums it all up nicely.

Finally, we found our way to the overuse of filters and the fact that people (teenagers) are unlikely to show their real selves on social media for fear of criticism.

Music by Tom Munch.

McGST Podcast Episode 31 (Man flu and Women do)

Jo and I discuss how men and women deal with sickness. Is it true that women get on with it while men just lie down and do little?

We then discuss the issue of downtime, or rather the inability to experience it.

Somehow we make our way to phones and discuss the upsides and downsides of them, and how much our ages affect our perception.

Next up, will people change for good after lockdown ends forever? What glimmers of hope can we see?

Finally, Jo puts forward her point of view on what should happen at Christmas and how it will affect the NHS.

Music by Tom Munch.

McGST Podcast Episode 29 (Questions #3)

A few more of your questions answered in this episode-

What would happen to you if you woke up tomorrow and Apple didn’t exist anymore? You may still own the hardware, but all of the software and services would be gone.

Are we nearly through COVID? Can even you be positive now?:)

Do you think you could write a full length book about tech?

I would love to hear your questions for Joanne if you have any. I like the idea of putting her on the spot in a future episode!!!

Music by Tom Munch.

McGST Podcast Episode 27 (Getting old…)

The above images have been edited to make us look much older (honest!)

Joanne and I discuss the following in this episode-

Why do some people have plastic surgery?

A mid-life crisis.

Judging people by their looks.

How much make-up is too much?

When a 4/10 and an 8/10 look the same.

Are we wearing virtual masks 24 hours a day?

Male preening.


Making ‘yourself’ happy is hard.

Music by Tom Munch.

McGST Podcast Episode 25 (Kirk Israel)

In this episode I talk to Kirk Israel, a man I have known for many years, but with whom I have never actually spoken until now. He runs a personal blog called and also and

We discuss the following and we managed to talk for 1 hour 30 minutes, but if time permitted we could have continued for a lot longer. What is it?

Have you got the ‘look at me’ gene?

Why does Kirk play the tuba?

What’s it like in Trump’s America?

What do Americans really think of the British?

Music by Tom Munch.