Fitness Trackers

The Misfit Flare

The Misfit Flare’s tracking abilities aren’t limited to steps. It can track different exercises, like walking, running, yoga, soccer, basketball, and swimming. If you do want to track swim laps, you’ll need to make a $10 in-app purchase. Despite its… Read More ›

Mini Metro

Mini Metro is a minimalist subway simulation game about designing efficient subway networks. The player must constantly redesign their line layout to meet the needs of a rapidly-growing city… More here. This game looks like great fun for the current… Read More ›

The Microsoft Band is dead (maybe)

Microsoft gave it two tries, but the company’s wrist-worn Band fitness tracker is seemingly no more. The Band 2 has been removed completely from Microsoft’s online store, signaling that production has ceased. It’s no longer available from Best Buy either,… Read More ›

Broken Jawbone?

Jawbone, the richly valued maker of wearable gadgets and wireless speakers, appears to be on increasingly shaky financial footing as it struggles to pay vendors and keep inventory in stock. Jawbone abruptly ended its relationship with the customer-service agency NexRep… Read More ›