The Death Of A Battery

Reshot my Snapchat video of Hannah lip-synching to the aforementioned Ariana Grande video four times—mostly because that depletes the battery so fast, but also because the second vid was the best. Listened to a podcast about how Donald Trump won… Read More ›

Temporary stuff

It dawned on me recently that mst media I now purchase is temporary and that a lot of it is in a place I am unaware of.   For example, when I purchase films they sit on an iTunes server,… Read More ›

The filter bubble

Any technology is in itself neutral. With the possible exception of what artificial intelligence will become. Bob I think that there is a degree of nuance here, and a need to be slightly careful in referring to technology as “neutral”. If… Read More ›

What is innovation?

Arguing with my sparring partner, we got to think about what innovation is, like the iPhone launch – if it was more the thunderbolt of a new idea, or incremental progress suddenly revealed. I think it’s both – someone high… Read More ›

AirPods vs Apple Watch

  I am obviously not going to compare the AirPods with the Apple Watch because they are 2 completely different products, but they do represent the difference between a product that fits into your life and helps you, and a… Read More ›