Watch Reviews

BERSIGAR Submariner Homage Watch Review

The actual listing for this watch is as follows, hold your breath- Men’s Waterproof Automatic Analog Watch- BERSIGAR Luxury Stainless Steel Bracelet Self Winding Watch with Transparent Case Back and 360° Ceramic Rotating Bezel. Now, I wrote recently about homage… Read More ›

Henry London Chancery review

Introducing Henry London’s Chancery 41mm mesh bracelet wristwatch with a crimson red chronograph dial. The watch case is made of stainless steel and is completed with a double domed acrylic lens. The watch bracelet is made from stainless steel Milanese… Read More ›

The Corgeut Black Bay

A friend of mine bought a Corgeut Black Bay homage watch for £80 and initially I was quite impressed with what I saw. He gave it to me to play with for a couple of days and my thoughts quickly… Read More ›